Who We Are? What We Do?

Highlands Productions is an independent television production company, based in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area. We produce for international TV networks and also help them cover stories from the United States and Canada. Besides Washington, we have presence in New York, Chicago, Dallas and Toronto.


The different services we offer to broadcasters include the following:

producing customized packages on major U.S. and international topics;

covering fast-breaking stories from Washington and other U.S. cities;

sending raw and edited feed via satellite and internet.

scheduling and shooting interviews with experts;

supplying camera and kit, with crew; and


Highlands Productions also supplies historical and contemporary footage on a variety of subjects for a fraction of the price that networks and other video archives normally charge.

In cases where we do not have the footage, we help clients locate them and negotiate rights to use them.


In addition to covering news, Highlands Productions offers services in all aspects of television and film production, such as developing the concept and treatment, scriptwriting, shooting, editing and duplication.

We supply original cutaways and archival footage for a fraction of the price that networks normally charge.
We offer location shooting services all across America, and some places abroad. We have a full range of shooting equipment, both PAL and NTSC.
With a state-of-the-art editing suite, Highlands is capable of producing any type of videos. We use high-end non-linear digital software such as Final Cut Pro, Avid Newscutter and Adobe Premier Pro. We can output a project to video, DVD, or CD-Rom.


Besides helping networks cover breaking news and producing news features, Highlands also offers production assistance in long-form television journalism such as weekly shows and other programs. Our journalists and producers, who have decades of background in journalism, have worked with filmmakers and networks on a number of documentaries on a variety of subjects, such as politics, art, music, environment and travel.

We have experience in working on long-form television pieces of all budgets -- from projects worth a few thousand dollars to those that cost millions of dollars. We understand the value of time and money; so we commit our efforts and resources to ensure that productions are completed on schedule and within the budget. We are a very budget-sensitive production firm that works within the parameters given by our clients.



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